Even though it has passed approximately a century after proclamation of the Republic, Turkey has faced with many different barriers through its democratic movement. Whenever the public achieves the condition of having a right to say for the formation of national will, it has been wanted to preclude the national will in the name of the public, for the public and in spite of the public.

On the ground that the regime was under danger and threat, it was made interventions to the democracy and by using constitutions followed by those interventions, national will was tried to be controlled. Besides, national will was also tried to be prevented by coup d’etats.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to claim that the period of coup d’etats for Turkey was over. Yet it was staged a coup on 28th of February in 1997 and moreover, on the 27th of April in 2007, the soldiers willing to intervene the presidential election in Turkey did not abstain from putting democracy into the shades by publishing e-memorandum. The post-modern coups who are not satisfied by those interventions organized Gezi protests as a peaceful and nature lover appearence at first glance and then, they designed the protests to overthrow the government. Because of the fact that they could not achieve their goals, by the process of 17-15 December operations, they attempted to non-governmental coup d’etat and after that in 15th of July in 2016, military coup d’etat was in the agenda.

The civil relife started with the 15th December coup attempt provided the registration of superiority of the national will. The coups used unlawful and undemocratic ways in order to overthrow the legal government crashed harshly to wall on the 15th of December in 2016.

The trials started against the coups are the indicators of the fact that how sensitive the process has been retained. Unlike the trials of 12th of September and 28th of February criticized in negative ways before, the 15th of December trials have been treated finically. The attemps to punish the responsible people for coup d’etats prior to 15th December coup d’etat was wasted by chaos in the trial processes.

We, as individuals of a society experienced extraordinary situations like coup d’etats, curfews, martial laws, know that  facing with coup d’etats and judging them are the milestones of the democratic movement. We express that it is not possible to achieve high-level democracy for a country which is not judging the coups and is not eliminating the political tutelage.

We demand to live in a more democratic country at peace.

We deny all military, media-backed, economic coup attempts targeting national will and civil politics.

We invite all entities and NGOs to have a more civilian and democratic attitude and to show respect to national will.

We wish removing the coup attempts completely, which are highly-costly for our lives in economic, political and social perspectives.

We ask to be faced with coup d’etats and to judge all people targeting national will.

We aim to make all people living in Turkey conscious of coup d’etats and make awareness against coup d’etats.

We want to take steps which can contribute the formation of civil-political culture, elimination the barriers against national will, empowerment the Turkish democracy and persistence of social peace and trust and moreover, we work for that purposes.

Within this context, the website named by is one of the most significant exercises and this will be a platform where we can discuss the milestones of Turkish democracy, coup d’etats, memorandums, coup attempts in all respects and also meet people willing to walk with us in this judicial process. Furthermore,  our effort for this topic will not be limited to just our country  and we will also be following similar coup d’etats and coup attempts of the other countries.

We, as people believing in the superiority of the law and loving their country, exclaim again that we were against all types of tutelage and we promise to be with the national will against coup d’etats forever.